7 Tips for Smoking a Cigar While Playing Golf

It’s hard to beat a good round of golf, but a good round of golf played while enjoying a quality cigar? Well, that’s absolutely unbeatable. Lots of golfers take their favorite sticks out on the course, but a lot of golfers aren’t quite doing it right.

cigars on the golf course

In this article, we’ve put together some tips for you to better enjoy your cigars out on the golf course.

1. Store Your Cigars Properly While Playing Golf

Rule number one of cigar smoking is to keep your stogies in peak smoking condition, meaning to keep that at a relative humidity of around 72% up to 80%. So why on Earth do so many golfer bring their cigars to the course exposed to weather, not in a proper travel humidor.

Let me tell you that leaving your cigars out on your car seat for more than a couple hours starts to dry them out and kill the natural flavor of the tobacco.

So here’s tip numero uno: store your cigars in a travel humidor for the best flavor and smoke possible out on the course.

2. Don’t Light Up Your Cigar with a Cigarette Lighter

There are few things as classless and ridiculous in cigar smoking etiquette(let alone on a golf course) as lighting a cigar with a cigarette lighter.

Put your smokes away and use a butane or torch lighter for lighting fine cigars. You don’t want to be imparting any nasty flavors from your cigarette lighter into a cigar that was painstakingly made by hand for your enjoyment.

3. Don’t Rest Your Cigar on the Ground or On The Golf Cart

Here’s another bad move – resting your cigar on the ground as you hit a shot or putt. This is also sometimes mixed in with resting your cigar on the edge of your seat in the cart or putting it in the cup holder.

Do yourself a favor and get a cheap golf cart cigar holder. Here’s a good article for that.

4. Always Bring Enough Cigars for Your Playing Partners

There’s nothing worse than a selfish golfer, whether it’s the kind of guy that doesn’t clean up the trap after himself or the other guy that takes approximately 348 practice strokes per round. Here’s the worst kind of selfishness on the golf course: the guy who doesn’t bring enough cigars to share.

Listen, it’s true that quality stogies can be expensive. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to not bring some extras for your playing partners. Sometimes you’ve got to bite the bullet when it comes to cigar smoking and hopefully your friends and golf buddies will get you back later by paying for your lunch or drinks at the bar.

5. Go With a Lighter Cigar Than Normal

I love smoking a great maduro-wrapper cigar with some heavy spice to it from time to time but I sure as hell won’t be taking those sticks out to the course on Sunday morning.

Typically, my golfing buddies and I can get through a round in about 3.5 hours for a foursome. If there’s slow play ahead of us, we could be looking at 4.5 to 5 hours. In cigar time, that’s about 2 or 3 cigars enjoyed slowly on the course. You don’t want to be pounding strong cigars one after the other.

Here’s what I do: I only bring lighter cigars with me on the course knowing that I’m going to at least smoke two cigars that day. My go to for this is usually a house blended Graycliff or maybe something by Ashton. Either way, don’t go spicy or too bold for the golf course cigars. Also, try to bring some cheaper sticks as well since you might be handing some of them out to your golf buddies.

6. Tell Your Golf Buddies What They’re Doing Wrong

I won’t be the guy that’s constantly giving out tips on the course like, “keep your head down” and “keep your left arm straight” but I will be the guy showing my golf buds how to properly cut, light and smoke a cigar.

This practice is very important since it will encourage a lifetime of proper cigar smoking and handling out on the golf course. Whether they’re cutting past the cap or lighting their cigar like a cigarette, I will be there to set them straight.

7. Focus On Your Golf Game, Not Your Cigar

If you’ve properly cut, lit and started smoking your cigar, you can really relax and focus on hitting your next shot on the course. Those who haven’t put in the time or effort needed to learn how to prepare and smoke a cigar will be complaining the whole time about how their stogie tastes like crap.

Guys, this isn’t rocket science but I see way too many cigar smokers on the golf course improperly cutting and lighting their cigars. Next thing you know, they’re spitting all over the place and that’s not such a nice thing to do on a golf course.

Use a sharp cigar cutter, a high quality cigar lighter and cut and light your fine cigars. When properly executed, you’re going to be puffing delicious smoke and hitting pure golf shots in no time.


Enjoying a cigar on the golf course is an absolute privilege and it adds to the enjoyment of this great (and very difficult) game. When you learn how to do things the right way, you’ll be focusing less on your cigar and more on your game.

Follow the 7 tips above and you’re going to have a great time on the course and take your love of cigars from your usual smoking spot to the golf course.