The Best Cigar Lighters

One thing’s for sure, you definitely don’t want to light a cigar with a cigarette lighter. We talked about this in our article about the proper way to light a cigar, but in short, an ordinary cigarette lighter is going to make your cigar taste like gas. What you need now is a proper cigar lighter.

If you want the best cigar lighter on the market, you’re in luck. Our experts found and reviewed the best cigar lighters on the market today that are going to help you to properly light your stogies.

best cigar lighter

So let’s get started with our list of the best cigar lighters below.

Scorch Torch Ambassador Cigar Lighter

This lighter is for the guys that want a sleek look and a solid flame. Pull down on the thumb switch and the cap opens to reveal the burner before igniting. The silver coloring is very sharp, adding a look of elegance, and the refueling nozzle is straightforward and includes the flame adjustment.

A really nice lighter without spending a ton of money, and the torch-style flame is perfect for warming the foot of your cigar quickly and easily. Unfortunately, the simple design may have gone a step too simple, as there is no way to check the fuel level. That’s the case for many cigar lighters though and the price is just right on this one.

Pocket Rocket Triple Flame Jet Cigarette Cigar Lighter

Triple jets for triple the warming ability. Snap it on and give the foot of your cigar a quick wiggle-pass and it will be plenty toasted and ready to light.

This lighter is a fast and effective way to light your cigar, and it fits in your hand easily due to the large form-factor. The torch is button activated by an over-sized piezoelectric button to match the rest of the lighter design.

On the bottom of the main section is a fold-out punch that closes over the fill and adjustment valve. You can still fill it with the punch section closed, as the hole runs all the way through. There is no fill window to gauge how much butane is left inside.

At under $20, you’re getting a great cigar lighter that will last for a long time.

Vertigo Cyclone Torch Cigar Lighter

A very sharp looking cigar lighter from Vertigo. The cyclone design over the flared tank gives it a nice look, almost like an old bottle. Some will like the design, some won’t.

The flip cap protects the working parts while it’s bouncing about in your pocket. It comes with no fancy cutter or punch additions, being a general-purpose butane torch. Works great for lighting cigars though, and the tank holds a lot of butane and lasts a long time on each fill-up, despite running three flames at once.

The price is right, as the performance of this lighter matches up to lighters that run four times the cost. Sharp looks, long lasting, sturdy, and reliable. A great lighter that belongs in every smoker’s pocket.

Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

If you are looking for a modern butane lighter that will add a nostalgic touch to your smoking room, you have come to the right place. This butane lighter mimics table lighters of old in both form and function.

This one is only for the cigar and cigarette guys, as lighting a pipe with it could prove dangerous. Add a touch of style when you invite the guys over to poker. The burner stays lit until the valve is closed, so once lit, several people can light their smoke at the same time; a very communal feature. And when it comes to fuel, that large round tank at the bottom holds a lot, up to 1.4 ounces. It’s also wind resistant, like any other butane lighter.

For the price, it’s an absolute steal if this kind of cigar lighter sounds good to you.

Macanudo Branded Flint Flip Top Cigar Lighter

If you want a really nice pocket lighter that will catch the attention of any onlooker when you pull it out, check out this tool from Macanudo. The gold colored finish is solid and holds up well to time and use.

The first time you pick it up, you will be surprised at how heavy and sturdy it feels. The flint wheel spins easily and the heavy box lights reliably. It really feels like a $50 lighter, both while showing it off and during use. Refillable and durable. This is one purchase you will not regret. It comes with very nice packaging that would make for a wonderful gift box.

It’s affordable and looks like a million bucks, go buy it and find out for yourself!