Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Review

Every cigar aficionado’s nightmare; picking up your favorite and expensive Cuban, Ecuadorian or any other particular country’s finest tobacco and finding it despoiled by moisture. You look upon the surface only to find what was supposed to be premium quality cigar now reduced to a stick riddled with moss and bacteria. Humidity does a real number on tobacco, even the less avid tobacco consumer knows this and that is why having a good humidor is extremely important. With a proper cigar humidifier, your cigars will stay cigar shop fresh at home.

For a very reasonable price, the Mantello 100 cigar desktop humidor does the trick and looks great while doing it.

mantello desktop humidor review

The basic function of a cigar humidor is moisture control which is achieved by carefully regulating the humidity of the space within the humidor. By so doing, fluctuations in the ambient humidity levels of the environment have no adverse effect on your precious cigars. This keeps your tobacco free from moss, beetles, and in great, “smokable” condition. Some humidors come with an inbuilt humidifier inside the humidor box while with others the humidifier is a separately sold item. Most humidors come equipped with some sort of hygrometer to enable you to monitor the humidity inside the humidor box.

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Product Description

Just like the name implies, the Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop has ample space for 100 cigars. It features an exquisite Rosewood finish and a Spanish cedar shelf interior, complete with dividers to enable you to store as much as 100 cigars within the space. It also has a scratch and dent resistant felt-lined bottom. The glass top allows you view your cigars without having your humidor unnecessarily. With the Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop, you never have to worry about minors getting their hands on your tobacco as it comes equipped with a locking lid for extra security. It also has an outside mounted hygrometer, an inbuilt humidifier as well as gold-plated piano hinges.

Unique Features of The Mantello Desktop Humidor

Outside mounted analog hygrometer

Monitor the humidity conditions inside the humidor with the outside mounted analog hygrometer. You will always know the condition of things inside the box. If you prefer a more advanced touch, you can replace it with a digital hygrometer. The digital hygrometer is sold separately.

Moisture absorbing Spanish Cedar Interior

For a humidor, it is all about moisture control to prevent moss damage and bacterial degradation of your cigars. The Spanish cedar interior lining of this humidor keeps your cigars adequately humidified. It also helps to preserve the aroma and taste of your cigars, making sure they are always ready-to-smoke.

Secure lid seal

The Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor also comes with secure lid seal technology which also ensures proper humidity for your cigars kept inside. It also features a lock and key set for extra security.

inside the mantello desktop humidor

Beautiful Glass Top

This beautifully designed cigar humidor also comes equipped with a scratch-proof felt-lined bottom panel and a tempered glass top so you can view your cigars without having to lift the lid. It also has solid brass hinges which add to the overall aesthetic quality of the ensemble.


The Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop measures 15.8 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches and weighs 8.2 pounds.

Should You Buy It?

When it comes to quality design, enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal, the Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop checks all the boxes and then some. In addition, it offers great value for money. Its compact and lightweight build make it the perfect humidor for the avid tobacco enthusiast. You don’t have to worry about the clumsy handling problem of most high-end, high-capacity humidors.

This Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glasstop has many great features which combine together to deliver the best tobacco storing experience money can buy. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Once kept inside, your cigars are safe from moisture, moss, pests and other forms of damage.

Apart from keeping your cigars in optimum condition, the Mantello 100 Cigar Glasstop Humidor also looks great on your office desk with its beautifully polished design.

We’re not the only ones raving about this humidor, just check out the over 200 positive reviews on Amazon.