How to Hold a Cigar

How do you hold a cigar? Now that’s a question that’s not often asked but often thought about, especially by new cigar smokers.

The truth is that there isn’t really a “right” and a “wrong” way to hold a cigar. Sure, there are ways to hold a cigar that have been traditionally accepted. For example, holding a cigar in-between your thumb and index finger (curled over the cigar) is a very common way to hold a fine cigar.

Some cigar “snobs”, or should I say “aficionados” think that holding a cigar between your index finger and middle finger is wrong (like holding a cigarette).

how to hold a cigar

In this post, I’d like to show you some common ways to hold a cigar and none of them are right or wrong, you can hold your stogie however you’d like!

1. In-Between Thumb and Forefinger

Probably the most common way to hold a cigar. You simply rest the cigar on the top of your middle finger with your index finger curled on top of it and your thumb holding it from the bottom (see top right image above).

Holding a cigar in this way isn’t going to upset anyone. Plus, it’s actually a very comfortable way to hold a cigar, especially really thick cigars.

2. Between Your Index and Middle Finger (Like a Cigarette)

Yep, I said it. There’s nothing wrong with holding a cigar like a cigarette. Enjoying a cigar should be a personal pleasure, experienced however you’d like it.

If you’re a cigarette smoker, then holding a cigar in this way will be second-nature to you.

Now, you might upset some cigar snobs, but ultimately, it’s your cigar to enjoy.

3. Hold a Cigar Like a Flute

This is one of my favorite ways to hold a cigar for sure. You brace the bottom of the cigar with your thumb and then have four fingers on top of it, similar to how a musician would play a flute (second from the top left above).

It’s a very comfortable way to hold a cigar and if you’re a traditionalist and only smoke cigars down halfway, it basically tells you when to stop smoking when the lit end reaches your pinky.

4. The Pincher Technique

In this way to hold a cigar, you basically use your index finger and thumb to “pinch” the cigar (second from the bottom right in the photo above).

Now, don’t actually pinch the cigar hard, just apply gentle pressure to hold the cigar in this manner and take a couple of puffs every now and then. It’s a comfortable way to hold a cigar for sure.

5. Thumb/Forefinger and Pincher Hybrid

Notice in the photo above the second from the top left. This is basically a hybrid of the thumb/forefinger cigar hold and the pincher technique.

I don’t particularly like to wrap my index finger over the cigar so this makes for a very comfortable way to hold a cigar and it also makes for a pleasant smoke.

How to Hold a Cigar? Anyway You Want!

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you how to hold a cigar. It’s your cigar and you can hold it however you’d like.

We’ve given you some suggestions above that are made of some common ways to hold cigars, but you can do your own thing.

Getting into cigar smoking shouldn’t be a hassle, have fun and explore the different flavors of cigars out there while making the experience your own.

So now that you know how to hold a cigar, learn how to light one here.