Cigar Minder Clip Golf Cart Cigar Holder Review

For those who enjoy a cigar or two while engaging in their favorite pastime, finding a good place to put the stick down can be quite a bit of a quandary. On the one hand, you are conscious of fire hazard, you don’t want to leave it on the edge of the cart seat and burn a hole (been there, done that). That’s where the Cigar Minder comes in.

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cigar minder clip golf cart cigar holder review

On the other hand, you absolutely loathe putting it down on the grass and have a fire ant enter your mouth the next time you take a puff! It is a bit of a quandary really, especially when you’re outdoors, say on a golf course or out on a picnic with family and friends or perhaps even enjoying a leisurely car ride.

Having a cigar clip is the solution to all these issues. A cigar clip just like the name implies, allows you to clip your cigar to just about anything like your golf cart steering wheel, the handle of your pushcart or even beside your lawn chair. This simple yet effective device allows you to enjoy your cigar even while outdoors without worrying where to put it. You also never have to put out your cigars unnecessarily as cigar clips help maintain a vertical-holding position which keeps the cigars lit.

The Cigar Minder clip from CigarMinder is a neat little device that takes care of all your cigar-holding troubles while on the golf course. It features an efficient double-hinged design which allows it to stay in place once clipped while maintaining a firm yet gentle grip on your cigar. The clips are easy to open and it does not damage the wrapper of your cigar while in use. The diameter of which the clip holding the cigar can open is quite considerable and as such, can accommodate cigars up to a 54-ring gauge cigar for those who like majestically sized Churchills.

The Cigar Minder clip from CigarMinder is an all-purpose cigar clip made of a strong plastic material. It also attaches easily to any number of places like your golf cart steering wheel, pushcart handles or even your lawnmower.

Unique Features of The Cigar Minder Clip

High-Quality Plastic Casing

It is made a from high-quality plastic material that ensures the cigar minder performs admirably well. Once clamped onto a surface, it remains clamped until you remove it. It is also not susceptible to breaking.

Light Pressure Spring

The spring on the clip that holds the cigar in place exerts a minimal amount of pressure on the cigar. It won’t damage or squeeze the cigar thereby affecting the draw.

Double-Hinged Design

The Cigar Minder clip keeps a firm hold on your cigar while maintaining a firm grip on whatever surface it is clamped to. You can hook it to just about anything.

Vertical-Holding Orientation

Never have to put out your cigars between shots. Just affix it to the cigar minder and clamp it somewhere safe. The vertical-holding orientation keeps the cigar lit.

Bright Neon Colors

No more forgetting your cigars in the holder or accidentally folding up your pushcarts with your cigars still in the holder attached. The Cigar Minder clip is available in bright unforgettable neon colors that are sure to get your attention every time.

Compact Size

10 x 7 x 1 inches and weighs approximately 0.8 ounces

Why You Should Buy The Cigar Minder Clip

If you are tired of always having your cigars tasting like grass from all the times you have to place it on the ground between shots, then the Cigar Minder clip from CigarMinder is your best bet. The price is relatively cheap and it is simple and straightforward to use. All you have to do is clamp it to say the upright of your golf cart or any other appropriate place and you are good to go. Your stogie will be securely held without any damage to the wrapper. So if you are thinking of enjoying a Montecristo, Padron, La Flor or any other cigar during your next round of golf, be sure to go along with this handy little accessory.

For under $10, you won’t ever have to babysit your lit cigar while playing golf ever again. Now that’s a bargain.