Best Whiskey Stones

Ever put ice in your whiskey just to have the melted ice pool to the bottom, killing the taste? Instead of using ice, try freezing these whiskey stones, and using them to chill your next drink. Learn more about the best whiskey stones below.

best whiskey stones

Chill Rocks – Set of 9 Whiskey Stones

These whiskey stones are made of all natural soapstone. Each set comes with nine stones, which is the perfect amount for a small gathering. The soapstone material that these whiskey stones are made out of is non-porous, which is great news for people that take the taste of their whiskey seriously. The chill rocks are designed to cool whiskey to the correct drinking temperature in order to maximize flavor. That is what makes these stones great for those that really love whiskey. It is important to note that these whiskey stones will not cool your drink down as much as real ice will. You can expect these stones to bring the temperature of your drink down by about 8 degrees, which is perfect for whiskey.

MERKIT Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

The MERKIT whiskey stones are made out of stainless steel, and each set includes 6 individual stones. These stones feature a special cooling gel on the inside of the cubes. This special cooling gel combined with the stainless steel exterior allows these whiskey stones to get drinks just about as cool as regular ice. They feature round edges to protect your glasses from being scratched.

These whiskey stones make an excellent gift. They come in a special set complete with a storage case and slip resistant tongs. The steel material that is used to make these whiskey stones is rust resistant, which means that these stones will last you a very long time.  They are easy to clean! Just rinse the stones off in hot water between drinks, and dry them before placing the stones back in the freezer until you’re ready to use them again.

Buviona Natural Whiskey Stones

The Buviona whiskey stones are made out of granite. The temperature that the granite whiskey stones reach when placed in the freezer makes these stones suitable for many drinks, not just whiskey. They give just the right amount of chill to make a wide variety of beverages more enjoyable to drink.

The whiskey stones come in a beautifully crafted wooden box that is just the right size to fit the six stones that come with this set. The granite material used to make these whiskey stones has been carved with the user in mind. The edges have been made smooth, and the corners have been rounded, which help to ensure a comfortable drinking experience. You will not have to worry about these whiskey stones hurting your mouth if they side up the glass while you are drinking.

Ombak Whiskey Rocks

These Ombak whiskey rocks are made out of carved and polished Basalt. These whiskey stones feature a special diamond-shaped design that makes them easy to fit into any glass. The shape of these whiskey stones makes them easy to stack, which means you can easily add as many as you would like to your beverage. The Ombak whiskey stones would make a great addition to any home bar. The set comes with just the right amount of whiskey stones for a small gathering or a night in with family.

This set comes packaged in a dark wooden box, which makes storage easy. Inside of the wooden box, you will also find a velvet carrying pouch, which makes traveling with your whiskey stones easy. Next, to the velvet carrying pouch, you will find a set of stainless steel tongs that can be used to get the whiskey stones in and out of your drink with ease.

Just Try It.

If you’re a seasoned whiskey drinker, you’ll tell the difference. With whiskey rocks, every sip will be just as magnificent as the first. Enjoy Responsibly.