The Best Exhaust Fans for Your Cigar Smoking Room

Have you dreamed of making a room in your home more like your favorite cigar lounge? Somewhere you and your buddies can have cigars without smelling up the whole house? In this post, we take a look at the best exhaust fans to pull the smoke out of your cigar room and keep it out of the rest of the house.

best exhaust fans for cigar rooms

Ozone Generators for Getting Rid of Cigar Smell

Have you considered an ozone generator for getting rid of cigar smell in your smoking room?

Ozone generators WILL remove the smell of cigar smoke from your room and purify the air using actual ozone gas. Although they’re very effective, they should only be used after you’re done smoking and everyone is out of the room. In fact, we recommend that you use them in combination with a quality exhaust fan as we mention below. Exhaust the air outside to take the smoke out and use the ozone generator every once in a while to take the musty cigar smell out of your room.

Here’s our favorite ozone generator for getting rid of cigar smell: the Airthereal Commercial Ozone generator. It’s under a $100 bucks and will help get rid of the smell when used properly and safely.


Broan 512M Through-Wall Fan, 6-Inch 70 CFM 3.5 Sones

This Broan 512M through-wall fan helps you get the proper ventilation that you need in your cigar room. Broan claims to have the best solutions that will ensure any contaminants are removed from the indoors. The motor is a plug-in that is thermally protected, permanently lubricated as well as having a quiet and durable polymeric blade. You can quickly assemble the motor with its easy twist-lock installation. You are able to remotely use the mounted wall switch or other variable speed controls that are sold separately. The exterior wall installation is easy with its spin-on installation and features a white interior polymeric grille. You can paint it any color that you want to make it match your décor.

The housing is steel and is finished with electrically-bonded epoxy paint. You can use it with walls from 5- ¼-inch to 10-inch. The dimensions are 6-inch round x 4-3/8-inch length. You can install it in outside walls from 5-1/4-inch to 10-inch thick. It is also HVI certified. “Sones” are used to measure the sound level of your fan. One sone is about as quiet a refrigerator.


Broan 509 Through-Wall Fan, 180 CFM 6.5 Sones, White Square Plastic Grille

The BROAN 509 fan is a contemporary styled grille that will complement your modern décor. If you want something that is long-lasting this is a great product with its electrically-bonded epoxy coating that can be painted to match whatever coloring you have in the room. The grille dimensions are 11-1/2-inch square and the aluminum filter is sold separately. The plug-in motor is permanently lubricated and thermally protected. The twist-lock installation of the motor is easy and quick and has a specially designed polymeric fan blade. It is 180-CFM, 6.5-sones and rated 1.5 amps as well as HVI certified. The housing adjusts to fit walls from 4-1/2-inch to 9-1/2-inch thick. The rugged steel housing with modern profile is on the outer weather hood. There is a built-in backdraft damper and the housing dimensions are 8-3/8-inch round.

Panasonic FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan

The Panasonic FV-08WQ1 whisperwall 70 CFM wall mounted fan is designed specifically for through-the-wall mounting in order to provide ventilation in room where you aren’t able to have a ceiling mounted fan. Having one of these in your cigar room will allow you to get the ventilation you need without having to stir up the air in the room too much. The blower wheel is designed so it draws air in from either side. This means you get more area for air to enter the wheel. The continuous and trouble-free operation will continue for many years because of the high-quality components and permanently lubricated motors. The fan uses a propeller fan that is driven by a capacitor motor that is designed for extended service life with reduced energy use. For safety, there is also a thermal-cutoff device. The grille can be detached from the main unit easily. The exterior hood with a back-draft damper is included. It is rated 70 cubic feet per minute and has a duct diameter of 8-inch.