Best Cigars of 2019

When it comes to cigars, everyone has their preferences. If you’re a self-proclaimed aficionado then chances are you have very specific tastes. Maybe you retroinhale, taste for notes, or research the tobacco curing process. Or, if you’re brand new to the world of cigars, you might just want to know what side of the stick you’re supposed to light. Learn more about the best cigars of 2019 in this article.

best cigars of 2019

Davidoff Aniversario Double R

Creamy. Full-bodied. Hand-crafted. These are just a few of the words we could use to describe the first pick for our 2019 best cigars list. The Aniversario Double R is encased in a toasty-brown Ecuadorian grown Connecticut Shade leaf with a long Churchill shape.

Its simple yet sophisticated design draws the eye before the first puff, leaving your mouth watering. Upon smoking, cigar lovers will taste notes of zesty pepper and smooth leather. The expertly balanced flavors of this patiently harvested Dominican tobacco will satisfy the senses for a truly relaxing smoke.

Romeo Anejo by Romeo y Julieta

Named after the famous love story, the Romeo Anejo by Romeo y Julieta is sure to give you your own reason to fall in love. The Romeo Anejo is an international display of world-renowned flavors, containing aged tobacco from four different countries: Nicaraguan/Honduran mix on the filler, a Dominican binder, and a luscious broadleaf wrapper.

The complex flavor profile of this cigar goes from spicy, rich, and then creamy and smooth all in one smoke. Zesty and sweeter wooden notes can also be detected, making this luxurious full-bodied cigar one of the most versatile on our list.

Ashton Estate Sungrown ’24-Year Salute’

We can’t help but tip our hats to this perfectly rolled cigar by Ashton Estate Sungrown. This family-owned company is one of the fastest growing cigar brands in the world, and with select cigars like the ‘24-Year Salute’, it’s not hard to guess why.

This cigar features a special sun-grown Dominican wrapper, giving it that signature dark, oily finish that can only be produced on the Chateau de la Fuente farm (Yes – it’s that rare). The tobaccos used in this spicy, full-bodied smoke are so hard to come by that only 50,000s are produced each year, making them a truly special treat for the 2019 year.

My Father La Opulencia

What can aficionados appreciate more than a world-class cigar? How about a modern take on an old classic? If that’s your style then you’ll find everything you need in the My Father La Opulencia.

The My Father brand has resurrected the history and timelessness of the Cuban trademark, La Opulencia, meaning “The Opulent One” in Spanish, by combining the original ‘My Father’ cigar with the profile of the Le Bijou 1922. This cigar reflects traditional 19th-century cigar artistry with its classic design while delivering a premium, wonderfully complex smoke.

The La Opulencia features a chocolaty-brown Mexican Rosado Oscuro wrapper that pairs perfectly with its two Nicaraguan binders (Corojo and Criollo). The end result? Once lit, this premium cigar reveals notes of chocolate and cocoa, followed by oakiness and sweeter, subtle top notes that burn down to a smooth and creamy finish.

Cohiba Dominican ‘Robusto’

The Cohiba Dominican Robusto (AKA the ‘Cohiba Red Dot’) hits the mark for exceptional quality this 2019 season. Upon first glance, cigar lovers are drawn to Cohiba’s signature design, featuring their distinctive red-dot that lies across a toothy Cameroon wrapper.

Featuring three different varieties of Cuban seeds, the Dominican has a complex, multi-dimensional flavor profile. The core of the cigar reveals distinctly nutty notes and an underlying creaminess that resolves into a sweet caramel finish, making this medium-bodied cigar an all-around favorite to both aficionados and amateurs alike.

Enjoy These Cigars in 2019

At Stogie Gear, we’re not worried about your level of expertise, because we’ve got you covered. That’s why we have a motto for everyone: The best cigar is the one you enjoy.