Best Cigar Ashtrays

When you want to enjoy a cigar in the backyard, you don’t want your porch to look like an ashy mess straight out of a cowboy movie. Better yet, maybe you know someone who has the tendency to keep their ashes not-so-clean. Read on to find the best cigar ashtrays that you’ll love.

best cigar ashtrays

Stinky Cigar Ashtray

Are you tired of having to empty out your ashtray in the middle of enjoying your cigar? The stinky cigar ashtray will put an end to the excessive emptying! The original stinky cigar ashtray was designed with a 3-inch deep, 8-inch diameter bowl. With this deep bowl design, you can enjoy your cigar all night long without having to empty your ashtray!

At a reasonable price of $28.99, this ashtray is equipped with 4 polished stainless-steel stirrups. With a polished stainless-steel finish, this ashtray is heat resistant and easy to clean. The deep bowl causes the ashtray to be wind resistant. No more worrying about wind knocking over your ashtray or ashes around your home.

OILP Large Cigar Ashtray for Men Big Ashtrays for Cigarettes Dual

If you are looking for a durable, eco-friendly cigar ashtray, OILP has got you covered. This large cigar ashtray is made out of high temperature soft silicone rubber, making it resistant to heat and unable to be broken. The soft rubber protects your surfaces from scratches and markings.

The 4 dual cigar and cigarette grooves are designed to rest either a cigar or a cigarette, enabling you to use just one ashtray for all of your smoking needs. It is perfect for a party where multiple people are smoking different things.

Pick the color of your choice between red, navy blue, or black! At the low price of $14.56, you really can’t go wrong with this 5.91 x 5.91 x 1.54 in ashtray. For an easy clean, you can use soap and water, or put it in the dishwasher!

Visol Donovan Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray

The Visol Donovan Ceramic Cigar Ashtray makes for a perfectly simple addition to your patio. Available in black, grey, red, white and yellow, you can choose the color that best fits your style. The square cigar ashtray is 8.2 x 2.8 x 8.2 inches, making it conveniently able to fit on a small coffee table. The basin is wide and efficient, enabling you to enjoy your full cigar before having to empty out the ashes.

Enjoy your cigars with three of your closest friends. This ash tray is equipped with four cigar rests, which are able to fit all cigar ring gauges. The Visol Donovan Cigar ashtray comes in a Visol Branded box, and includes a plastic brush to clean the ash off the sides, and into the basin.

Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray with Accessory Tray and Carry Handle

The Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray is a statement piece that is sure to be a conversation starter at your next porch party. Standing 24” tall, you and your friends can gather around this ashtray while you all enjoy your cigars.

This chocolate brown ash tray is $79.24. Included are 4 stirrups, an accessory tray and carry handle. The windproof design can stand to be left outside during most weather situations. A 3” deep bowl allows for extended time between each dumping. No tools are required to assemble this stand-up ashtray, so you can get right to enjoying it once it is delivered.

Visol Products VASH711 Drawer Single Cigar Ashtray, Iron Wood Finish

If you are looking for a classy cigar ashtray, look no further. The Visol Drawer Single Cigar Ashtray is as classy as they come. A high polished medium oak wood box conceals that there is actually an ashtray inside. With a flat drawer pull, you can easily take out the ash tray from the box. A felt lined base was carefully designed to avoid unintentional sliding of your ashtray when transporting it.

At a reasonable price of $45.49, included in this box is a removable stainless steel 2.63-inch basin for easy cleaning, a 7 mm stainless steel cigar punch, and a stainless-steel cigar rest for your smoking convenience.

Stay Classy With These Ashtrays

Don’t sacrifice style with a boring-old ashtray. After a long day, you’ll want to enjoy your cigar session to it’s fullest. Why wouldn’t you love the experience from the beginning to the end?