Best Cheap Cigars

You don’t need to be a certified tobacconist or even a longtime cigar lover to find a blend you enjoy. With these well-priced cigars, you can find a smoke you’ll love in just a few clicks. Learn more about the best cheap cigars that’ll maximize your enjoyment without maximizing your credit card.

best cheap cigars

Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro

We couldn’t create a list of the best low-price cigars without including one of Arturo Fuente’s most timeless blends. The 858 Maduro has been the stick of choice for many a cigar enthusiast over the past several decades, and when you take that first puff, you’ll see where its reputation comes from.

The cigar is encased in a naturally sweet and perfectly cured Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that pairs wonderfully its aged Dominican filler. Once lit, the cigar introduces sweet subtle top notes and a slightly oily finish that only gets stronger as you continue to smoke.

The flavor profile on this medium-bodied cigar develops slowly, bringing up leathery notes and an underlying sweet caramel towards the finish. Add that in with the fact that you’re saving heaps of cash on a premium cigar, and you’ll be reaching for the 858 Maduro every chance you get.

La Estrella Cubana Habano

If you’re looking for a ‘value’ cigar with the same flavor, consistency, and craftsmanship of a pricier premium stick, then you’ve come to the right place. The La Estrella Cubana Habano is brought to you by General Cigar, the same company responsible for producing top of the line cigar brands such as Cohiba, Foundry, and Partagas – (Just to name a few).

The Cubana Habano is beautifully handcrafted with a shimmery Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, Honduran binder, and fully-aged Dominican long-fillers, resulting in a savory multi-faceted smoke. Expert craftsmanship not enough to convince you?

Then you’ll be even more impressed with the Cubana Habano’s complex flavor profile: A medium-bodied smoke that offers notes of espresso, sweet spice, earth, and leather, ending in a long, balanced finish. The idea behind this cigar is simple really. You get uncompromising quality at an affordable price.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R

A cigar can say a lot about a person. So if you see someone smoking the La Gloria Cubana Serie R, you know they mean business. The Serie R is the godfather of all wide ring, full-bodied cigars, offering a no-nonsense smoke that is both robust and powerful.

You also get your choice of either an Ecuadorian Sumatra or Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper in order to tailor the cigar specifically to your palette. Once you’ve chosen your preferred wrapper, you can now enjoy the fully-aged Nicaraguan Ligero and Dominican Olor leaf filler tobaccos.

Expect notes of sweet woods and floral that is perfectly balanced with a deep earthiness and hints of orange peel for a spicy and flavorful smoke. There’s really only one bad thing I could think to say about the Serie R… and it’s that I’m not smoking one right now.

My Father Flor de Las Antillas

Listen to any cigar fanatic, and they will all tell you the same thing – “You get what you pay for”, but when it comes to the Flor de Las Antillas from My Father, that’s just not true. Instead, this cigar has so many accolades to its name you would think it was a heavyweight champ.

The Flor de Las Antillas is the first entirely box-pressed line from My Father Cigars and was rated the #1 cigar of 2012 by Cigar Aficionado. So, what makes this low-priced stick so great? I’m glad you asked. The Flor de Las Antillas offers a true medium-bodied smoke with a tobacco blend that was all harvested from fertile, Nicaraguan soil.

The cigar is wrapped in a Sun Grown leaf and filled with patiently harvested Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders, resulting in a delicious and balanced flavor profile. The smooth draw and mellow notes of nutmeg and white pepper will only make you wish you could smoke another one of these award winners from My Father.

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

Jamie Garcia: The man, the myth, and son of the cigar making legend, Don Pepin Garcia. Jamie Garcia has outdone himself here with the Reserva Especial, a cigar that would make even the most discerning cigar aficionado raise an eyebrow at its low price tag.

This medium to full-bodied cigar comes fully equipped with an oily Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and a savory Nicaraguan long-filler and binder, grown and harvested right on the Garcia family farm.

This pleasantly aromatic stick has a wonderfully complex flavor profile as well: Introductory notes of spice quickly followed by a deep earthiness and sweet cocoa that have a beautiful interplay with one another. Those lucky enough to try the Reserva Especial can all agree on one thing: Jamie Garcia has certainly made something that will make his old man proud.

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